Women’s March

International Women’s Day is being held on March 8, but we figured a day just wasn’t enough – especially since we’re closed on Sundays! That’s why we’re forging ahead with Women’s March, in which the Orchard Bookshop will be stocked ENTIRELY with books by FEMALE AUTHORS… for the whole month of March!

You might remember back in October 2018 we conducted an impromptu experiment by filling the top shelves of our fiction section with books by female authors…

On that occasion, we deliberately kept this information to ourselves in order to gauge people’s reactions and we couldn’t have had a smoother reception. Everyone went about business as usual – except that sales of books written by women comfortably eclipsed those on the lower shelves – eye height is indeed buy height!

Once again, we won’t be advertising our women-only policy in-store. But this time we’re giving you a heads-up because we’d love people to see if it makes any difference to them. Perhaps you’ve always wondered why your shelves are dominated by male authors, or you might just want to be able to choose between various female perspectives without distraction.

In any event, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to showcase and celebrate women across all genres this March.

Some special inclusions are first editions of seminal social history books by Anne Summers & Germaine Greer; a rare cheese-making book from a female pioneer (with the ownership bookplate of Elizabeth David); and some tete-a-tete invectives from women on both sides of the societal fence in early Adelaide.