Three Women

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By Lisa Taddeo

The lives and souls of three American women are laid bare in this gripping bestseller.

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  • All Lina wanted was to be desired. How did she end up in a marriage with two children and a husband who wouldn’t touch her?
    All Maggie wanted was to be understood. How did she end up in a relationship with her teacher and then in court, a hated pariah in her small town?
    All Sloane wanted was to be admired. How did she end up a sexual object of men, including her husband, who liked to watch her have sex with other men and women?
  • Three Women is a record of unmet needs, unspoken thoughts, disappointments, hopes and unrelenting obsessions.
  • Lisa Taddeo spent eight years and thousands of hours tracking the women whose stories comprise Three Women, moving to the towns they lived in to better understand their lives.
  • She has contributed to New York magazine, Esquire, ElleGlamour and many other publications.
  • Her short stories have won two Pushcart Prizes.
  • She lives with her husband and daughter in New England.
  • ISBN: 9781526611659