Do you have a large book collection / personal library that you are looking to downsize?

Or perhaps you only have a few books to sell for some spare cash.

With over 15 years of professional bookselling experience, we have helped thousands of people like you:

  • I’m never going to read them
  • My Dad passed away & we don’t know what to do with his book collection
  • We’re moving into a smaller home and don’t have room for all our books
  • I used to collect them, but now I have other interests
  • We’re having a Spring clean and want to move these on

Don’t make the mistake of throwing them away before talking to an expert. We can tell you what to ditch, where to donate, or make an offer to purchase some of your collection.

To request our free, in-home consultation service*, or to sell your books to us, please complete this form.

*This is a free service but we reserve the right to decline its provision for any reason, including collection size/quality, location or accessibility.