Looking to re-home some of your books? With over 15 years of bookselling experience, we can help!

Let’s get started… is your collection SMALL or LARGE?

SMALL selection [200 books or less]

DONATE [quick & easy solution]

Clear space hassle-free, and support a local small business!

Donations are gratefully accepted in-store at 26 Adelaide Arcade during opening hours [click here].

Simply drop donations at the front desk. Thank you!

SELL [hand-picked process]

We pay cash [or +10% in store credit] for books we select for our Orchard.

Please complete this SELL YOUR BOOKS FORM* to let us know what you have [attaching photos helps greatly].

We will respond with an offer estimate** for the books we wish to purchase.

LARGE collection [200+ books]

We will come to you, appraise your collection, and advise accordingly. This may include making an offer to purchase select items, assisting with removal and/or recommending other options.

To request a booking please complete this APPRAISAL REQUEST FORM*

* If form doesn’t work, please EMAIL DETAILS & relevant photos as best you can

** This is a preliminary “ball-park” figure, not an official commitment to purchase