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We are, unashamedly, huge fans of The Folio Society. Taking as inspiration the Golden Cockerel Press, Folio was established in 1947 with the aim of bringing beautiful artist editions of great Literature [for which the Golden Cockerel was well renowned] to the masses.

Folio books were originally distributed through bookstores, then via subscription and now online but concurrent with this has been their maturity in the second-hand market. Initially produced amid post-war paper rationing, they were, perhaps, not built to last. But it wasn’t long before the format that would become the firm’s construction signature – the humble slipcase – would serve to not only protect it’s contents, as designed, but also form a handsome package desired by collectors of fine books.

Today, those earlier [20th century] editions are not particularly in demand, perhaps because they have become overshadowed by the very noticeable leaps in quality – both in physical material & construction and in their artistic merit – of books produced in the past two decades.

We have had a strong interest in Folio Society editions our entire bookselling careers and, now that we have spent fifteen years or so refining the way we do business, so we find ourselves with a refined selection of new, vintage & collectible Folios.

As per our modus operandi, we only have a handful of collectible examples in our online store, but we love having a variety adorning our shelves and have set up a front window display, just in time for Adelaide’s Festival Season [aka Mad March].

Get in-store quick… we only ever have one copy of a particular book!